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“An idea is salvation by imagination.” Frank Lloyd Wright.

 [h6]The Fountains at Ballycastle Seafront.[/h6]
I can safely say that my 17month old son's favourite thing in the world is the fountains at Ballycastle Seafront. Although not originally designed for kids to run and play in, it has quickly become a centre of fun and activity on a decent day in the summer. The council spotted this and placed seats around the fountain for parents to watch their kids dart through the fountain. Ballycastle seafront looks better than it ever has with the new artwork, seating signage etc. The fountain area has become the the unofficial kids play area at the seafront. Its somewhere parents can sup a coffee while the kids burn off some energy. There is a great buzz around it on a sunny day.
[contentdivider][h6]The Wee Pier Old & New [/h6]
I have fond memories as a kid playing at the Small pier. Before the  modernization of the harbour the sea was our playground.  Today the town is missing a family fun area where kids can play and parents can relax knowing the kids are safe.


[h6]Arcadia Activity Pool Portrush.[/h6]

My kids had a great time in the kids pool at the Arcadia in Portrush and it got me thinking. Something like this would be great at Ballycastle seafront. The Arcadia pool is tucked away out of site and is sheltered by a wall from the onshore winds. An activity pool would present a whole myriad of issues though. The seafront is a large open space which means it can't be tucked away. Some would argue that an activity pool in plane view would detract from the sculpted vistas and artwork.Others would argue that kids are the best form of art and interaction beats appreciation every time.

[h6]The idea. Ballycastle Seafront Activity Pool?[/h6]
The sketch in this video is only a doodle and hasn’t addressed the problems building such a pool would raise. How do you secure it at night? Keep it clean? Stop sand blowing off the adjacent sand pit into it? How do you leave space for the amusements? Is it worth the investment considering our weather? I could go on........ but it is an idea and ideas can grow, change and eventually happen.

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stephen mc goldrick
September 6, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Stephen Mc Goldrick great idea slacky ,could they not secure it at night the same way they do the marina ,as for cleaning it could you not channel the sea water into it some way so it effectively cleans naturally ,and the sand in it would make it more like the real beach ,only for little learners 🙂
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Stephen Mc Goldrick im sure the public wouldnt mind even paying a small admission fee for the up keep
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C Mooney
September 6, 2012 at 6:59 pm

I think it would be a great idea to have this activity pool. When my kids were small we had the little beach at the glass island, they could play safely, the water wasn’t to deep and you were always close to them. Young children and parents have to watch out for water sport activities along the strand, sometimes not always the best and safest mix. And this would be a free play place, not everyone can afford the luxury of amusement rides

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