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Solar Park Approval Ballycastle.

Installation of Photovoltaic Panels on 7 Solar Park Ground Mounting Systems.

Laverty Architecture has just received approval for a domestic Solar Park in Ballycastle. The approval will produce 50kw of power when the three-phased stages are complete. The panels are mounted on a much lower ground mounting system than usual due to the urban location. They are less than half a metre high from ground level and are weighed down by concrete blocks and therefore do not require any foundation.

The solar park is connected to a recently built dwelling, designed by Laverty Architecture. The the first phase of 6.5kw will supply the house. Further phases will allow the Solar Park to sell, clean renewable electricity back to the grid. Normally solar panels would be mounted on the dwelling's roof facing South. Due to the shape and orientation of the roof, it was not possible to fit enough panels to make the project viable. The ground mounting systems used in this application offer an affordable alternative and allow much more flexibility when orientating the panels towards the sun. Mounted low to the ground and within an enclosed site, they can have a lesser impact on a dwelling than mounting the panels on the roof. The dwelling shown has a natural slate roof, which is an organic material. Adding metallic/glass panels onto such a roof can detract from the overall look of the dwelling.


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