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New Website Live


[h6]"If we can design buildings we can design a website. "[/h6]

Its been a long time coming, but finally is online. I decided to design and build the site myself so I could update it quickly and regularly. How hard could it be, its just like a building. They are both made up of interlinked components which function together to provide a user experience? A tenuous link I know.

[h6]Code holds a website together, not mortar and fixings. [/h6]

Thankfully my friend Alex from was on hand to guide and inform as well as fix thinks when I broke them.
Much head scratching ensued, but eventually it all fell into place. It was fun to learn something new and I enjoyed building the site in the evenings. Even pondering a career change until I realised how complicated web design is when you look under the hood of user friendly web design software.
I get great job satisfaction in my job by walking around buildings I designed. Seeing a family use and enjoy spaces you helped them realise is hard to top. I got a little bit of that feeling browsing through my completed website but I think I will stick with my day job.

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